Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

Another low-key Valentine's Day for the Herrmanns.  I made Play-Doh valentines for both Parker and Esme to take to school and daycare.  I had a typo on the original labels and had to patch with the red, but they still turned out cute and we got good use out of the massive amounts we received for Christmas.
The owners at work ordered cupcakes for the whole staff.  Chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet!
Both kids got quite the haul from their parties and we got a really sweet card from Esme.
Jimmy got me some candy and personalized one of Parker's school pictures to serve as a card.  It was perfect.  We fondued as we have for the last several years and invited our friends, Brian and Rachel, and their son, David, to join us.  Everyone loved it!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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