Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Esme June - Twenty-Two Months Old

Esme June is 22 months old today.  Today's milestone falls on Valentine's Day, so I made her a cute shirt.  Jimmy's parents got her a red shirt and skirt with silver hearts.  I found a whimsical font and added "Love Bug" and a lady bug with some heat transfer vinyl.  This was the first real project on my heat press I got for Christmas.
Not much has changed in the last month.  Still in size 5 diapers day and night and in mostly 2T and 24 month clothing with a few 18 month items.  She's still a good eater and tries most of what we offer, but likes to feed herself a lot.  She now counts to 10 on a regular basis.  "Num" is seven and it's my favorite one she says.  I grabbed a video of her singing along with Moana and it's at the bottom.  I think she will have the rest of the tune in no time.
Only a couple more months until two!

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