Friday, June 23, 2017

On The Market

The house officially went on the market about 1:30 pm last Thursday and we had a whirlwind weekend.  The listing pictures are below and I think they turned out great!
 We decided in advance to stay at my parents house for the weekend so we didn't have to leave for showings and try to keep it clean.  We had 2 showings on Thursday evening and 8 on Friday.  Both of the showings from Thursday put in offers and we got two additional ones from the Friday showings.  With so much interest we called for best and final offers by Saturday afternoon.  

We also went out on Friday night to look at new houses.  I was really excited about the first one we were going to, but the backyard was questionable based on the listing.  Turned out to be even smaller than we thought and at a pretty decent angle, so that was a bust.  The second house we looked at was beautiful and had more to offer than we wanted or needed.  It was also a little more than we wanted to spend, but we kept it on the list.  The third house had a huge backyard, but the inside was in rough shape and it had a really bad floor plan.  We decided to review the offers on our house and then decide if we wanted to go for the second one.

All four offers were over asking price, which was very exciting.  The house we loved had been on the market 15 days, which is a pretty long time in the current market.  We decided to go in with our best offer on Saturday morning.  We accepted an offer on our house Saturday night and found out ours had been accepted on the new house about an hour later.  It was a very exciting day.  It was also nice because we got to go back home that night.
The sign finally went up in the yard on Tuesday and then it felt real!  Inspections on both houses were yesterday.  The new house had some minor electrical and plumbing things, but also tested very high for radon.  Long term exposure causes lung cancer, so we will be getting that mitigated very soon after closing.  It is a pretty simple task in most cases and the company we are using does not collect payment until it tests at a safe level.  The current house came back with no issues.  The buyer requested we ground all the main floor outlets, but that isn't happening unless we rewire everything.  Thankfully they accepted that it won't happen.  Now it's time to get all the financing finalized and start packing!  I will share the new house once we are in at the end of July.

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