Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Esme June - Fourteen Months Old

Esme is 14 months old today.  She isn't walking yet, but is getting close.  She cruises along furniture, pushes chairs and toys, and can walk holding just one hand.  She has also started letting go of supports more often and standing on her own.  She is clapping a lot (as you can see in the picture below!)  We sing a lot of songs and she claps appropriately at the end and says "yay" with us.  She also liked to sway back and forth during some of our songs.  She babbles a lot and makes it well known when she isn't happy!  She especially loves looking at herself in the mirror.  We have a mirror in the car so we can see her and she loves to laugh and smile at herself in it.  Speaking of her smile, she has 12 teeth!  All 8 in the front and her four "first" molars.  She continues to be on the early side for all of her teeth.  Canines typically start appearing around 16 months, so we will likely have a break in teething, but she hasn't had too much trouble so far.
She is wearing mostly 18 months clothing, a few 18-24 month items, and size 3 or 4 shoes.  She is in size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 at night.  I've been too busy to remember to weight her, but we will get updated measurements at her 15 month appointment next month.  She continues to eat like a champ and has only refused a few things.  She currently loves bananas, peaches, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, pancakes, cheese, sweet potatoes, and yogurt.  She is completely weaned off bottles and in drinking whole milk and occasional juice.  Her hair is getting longer and she gets the cutest curls in the back, especially after a bath.

She is such a joyful little girl and we are loving watching her grow.

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