Saturday, June 17, 2017

Final House Projects

We had a small list of projects to finish prior to listing our house.  We've had our recessed entertainment cabinets installed for a while and my dad made some doors last year.  I finally got those installed with plexiglass and speaker fabric for the sub.  It has a really nice finished look now.
We also decided to install an egress window to increase value and be able to list as a legal three bedroom house.  It would have limited our visibility to only have two.  The crew came out on Monday, just 3 days before we listed.  They started about 9:00 and were done by early afternoon.
My dad come over with the twister to remove the dirt which saved us a couple hundred dollars.  He took two loads home and moved the rest to my neighbors yard because she had a use for it.
Parker was so excited to have the twister at his house.  I wasn't there for most of it, but Jimmy said he kept asking for a ride.  I bet he was so confused to see it at our house!
My dad and I finished the interior on Monday night so it was mostly ready for the photographer to come on Tuesday.  Just some final cleaning and touch ups before the listing went live on Thursday.

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