Thursday, April 27, 2017

Weekend Fun

My friend Brianne had a LuLaRoe party at her apartment about an hour north of our house on Saturday.  I finally got my first pari of leggings from them and am excited to try them out!  Chelsey was back in town from New Jersey so we took the opportunity to get together for dinner.  I worked in the morning, so I brought Esme with to give Jimmy a little relief.
Esme and Dani
We headed out to Jimmy's Pour House.  I couldn't convince them that I knew "Jimmy."
 There was a table next to us celebrating a birthday and Esme locked eyes with the cake.  The other table was watching her and we started talking.  It turned out the guy's birthday was the day after hers!  Then they offered her a little slice and of course I said yes!  I fed her with the fork to avoid a big mess, but she was loving it!
 They had a big list of beers on tap and the food was delicious!  I got an appetizer combo of boneless wings and potato skins (which were really just quartered potatoes!)  I am not a big beer person, but I tried Shock Top Ruby Fresh and it was so good!  I see it is in season from Feb-April, so I may have to go track it down soon.
 Sunday was pretty chill.  Esme wore one of her new dresses to church and we checked out Powderhorn Park in south Minneapolis in the afternoon.
 An ice cream truck came by so we all shared a Hawaiian Punch Bomb Pop.
The weather turned cold and icky, so I am glad we got out when we did.  It might even snow this weekend!

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