Friday, April 21, 2017

Church Bowling Night

Our church is moving to a bowling alley.  Pretty fun, huh!?!?!? It has been a pretty dead place for a while.  We thought for years that it wasn't even open until we figured out there was another parking lot.  Our church hosted a bowling night there before we take over and demo it all.  The worship team played family friendly cover songs and we packed the place.  The few regulars that came were shocked at how busy it was.
Jimmy was still recovering from allergies and a bad cold, so he stayed home with Esme and I went bowling with Parker.  We went one other time and had a lot of fun.
 I had to hold his hand most of the night or he would try to run down the lane (and succeeded once!)  We got on a lane with our friends Caleb, Cindy, Russell, and Paul.
 It was slow going, but we made it through a whole game (after bedtime) without any major meltdowns.
It was a great way to honor the history of our new church home.  I look forward to sharing the transformation with you later this year!

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