Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Colds and Causes

There has been a ton of sickness making the rounds this winter.  We have stayed mainly healthy, but Parker finally got sick last week.  It started on Wednesday with a bit of a cough and developed in to a fever.  The one up-side of a sick kiddo is lots of snuggles!
 I ended up staying home with him on Thursday and we had a pretty good day.  We played and got lots of rest.
 Parker has only thrown up one other time and it was at Perkins, so we haven't had much home experience.  He started coughing really bad on Thursday night and we thought something might come up.  Thankfully he didn't lose all the cookies, but he did have a few moments we thought he might.  This was our first snuggle with a puke bucket.  Jimmy stayed home with him again Friday and he started feeling much better.  Unfortunately I think the sickness has moved to me...
Parker and I headed to the Mall of America Saturday morning for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund walk.  It was a crazy packed house, literally thousands of walkers!
 A team was organized by my work and I was excited to join.  My niece was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year, so it was a great way to support her.
 We went for brunch at Lucky's 13's.  We got monkey bread to share and I got sage fried chicken and it was amazing!
 It was such a fun day and I was happy to see Parker feeling better!

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