Saturday, March 22, 2014

Epic Play Date and Busy Bag Exchange

Parker and I had an awesome play date with our church friends today.  There were 9 mamas and 10 kids, 8 months to 3 years old.  People started arriving around 9 and we played upstairs for a little while.

Finbar, just hanging out.
Parker, Brock, Ezra, Maris, Judah, Isaac
Erza found the drums especially entertaining.
We got some snacks (how could I forget to take take a picture of the food?!?) and headed downstairs.

How many toddlers does it take to make an elephant pop?
Parker, Isaac and Caiden
Fun in the ball pit...
 And on the trampoline...
 Isaac and Maris were particularly fond of the trampoline, neither wanted to give it up!
 Even the youngest two got in on the fun!
Ronin and Kadley
 A floor that messy is a sign of a great time!
 This group of ladies, plus 4 more who couldn't make it, also did a busy bag exchange.  We each made a different activity and everyone went home with 13 fun bags to keep these busy little ones occupied and learning!
1 - Pom pom color sorting
2 - Magnet Fishing
3 - Button snake
4 - Sponge blocks
5 - Lacing shapes
6 - Glitter bottle
7 - Clothespin color matching (I made this one)
8 - I Spy bag
9 - Felt Pizza
10 - Butterfly symmetry
11 - Clothesline
12 - Heads and tails matching
13 - Popsicle stick pictures

Literally hours of fun to be had with these bags!  I am really excited to play with them with Parker.  I hope you had a fun and fabulous Saturday too!

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