Friday, August 23, 2013

Dog Days!

It has been a warm week in MN so we took the opportunity to get out and get wet!

Earlier this week we filled up the pool and splashed around!

Then we went out on the lake with my parents. We try to get out a few times a year, but just lost track of time this summer. Once is better than nine I guess! Parker loved splashing on the beach (those photos are on my other camera!) and liked riding in the boat. He hated the life jacket last year, but did well with it this year.
Playing in the sand after swimming and drying off.


  1. What fun!
    I need to do some fun outdoor stuff with Jillian before we start getting too busy and summer is over.

    1. Yes! It is still beastly hot up here...we are planted firmly on the basement couch!