Sunday, May 20, 2012

Going places?

Parker has been on the move via rolling a scooting for a while now.  But, in the last week or so he has made a big step towards REALLY moving!  One of his favorite things to do is get up on his hands and knees!  I find him like this all the time.  One of my favorites is when I come in his room in the morning and he is just hanging out in his crib like that.  I know this means that crawling is on the horizon.
Right now when he wants to move he puts his face and the floor and does crawling motions with his legs.  This usually just leads to him flipping sideways and having rug burn on his nose! (But it is very cute!)

Another fun milestone is that he is sitting unassisted now!  It is still a bit wobbly, but he is getting better every day.
He has also become quite the giggler when we can get him going!  I got a really cute video of Jimmy making him laugh last week.  This little morsel makes it all worth it.
I can't believe almost 6 months have gone by since he was born.  Time just needs to SLOW DOWN!  I have a feeling that isn't going to happen so I better just keep having fun and snapping pictures!