Sunday, October 23, 2022

Cornerstone Trunk or Treat

Our church hosted a trunk or treat event yesterday.  I decided not to decorate a trunk this year because it's been a pretty busy fall in other areas. I hope to get my act together to participate again next year.  Esme's costume was finished off with Pascal, Rapunzel's chameleon sidekick.  We got there right at the start and there was already slim parking and huge line.  The warm and clear weather helped to have record numbers, over 1500 people and over 30,000 pieces of candy given out.
It had a carnival theme and our lead pastor, Jeremy, was the mime.  Jimmy said that would be his go to costume in the future so he didn't have to talk.  Lucy was helping with "traffic" control and I couldn't pass up the picture opportunity.
We hit up a couple trunks with short lines, but Parker really wanted to get to the inflatables.
The tire wasn't going to work while jumping.  Parker had so much fun!
Jimmy's biggest win of the afternoon was finding fun size peanut butter M&Ms!
Thanks for another great event Cornerstone family!

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