Monday, January 3, 2022

Bring on 2022!

One more week of 2021.  As much as we've loved going to Popped Corn, we also have a local popcorn guy just down the road from us.  Redmon's Popcorn was featured on Late Night with Stephen Colbert back in November. b He got flooded with requests for shipping and ended up getting briefly shut down due to some licensing issues.  Jimmy started a Go Fund Me to help him get in to a more suitable space.  He visited Zack this week to pick up some pre-New Year's snacks.
We also made our requisite holiday visit to the Mall of America.  We were actually down there to get a chair at IKEA (see below) and decided to stop at the M & Ms store quick.
In addition to our popcorn snack, we made homemade pizza, half BBQ chicken, half spinach artichoke chicken, and a charcuterie with baked brie.
The chari from IKEA is for my new nook in the living room.  We decided to move the kids' toy boxes to their rooms after the tree came down which left this corner open.  Here is a little time lapse of each addition.
I bought a whole hair- on cow hide a couple years ago at a crazy low price.  I couldn't pass it up, but also didn't know what I would do with it.  This spot was the perfect first use.  I cut off a small section for an area rug and I love it.  I leaned in hard to the farmhouse vibe once that was in place.  A repurposed barrel from my mom made the side table and the open bulb light almost finishes it.  I still need to get a foot stool to make it truly functional for me, but the kids love hangin out there already.

Jimmy had New Year's Day off, but worked Sunday, so we visited my parents.  Esme has been loving games, especially Sorry.  I am so impressed by how quickly she's picked up the strategy, she is so good!
We put on our "number shirts" to watch the Vikings lose to the Packers.  Looks like the light strip color called the winner.
Looking forward to another year of fun!

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