Monday, February 24, 2020

Hot Wheels Racing Garage and Trip to Two Harbors

The children's museum has a new exhibit based on Hot Wheels cars that we had to check out on Saturday.  Both kids really enjoy playing with cars and Parker loves wheels and anything that spins.
There were a ton of activities with small cars and other ones about race cars.
My favorite activity was the pit stop challenge.  You got to jack up the car, change the tires, and gas it up.  Esme was having a blast.
We also made stops at our favorite permanent exhibits, Our World and The Scramble.
Sunday was a bit of a marathon.  We'd already missed a couple weeks of church due to sickness and I really didn't want to miss again.  That means we didn't leave for Two Harbors until almost 11:00.  We drove up to celebrate our niece and nephews birthdays.  Esme's favorite part was the chocolate ice cream!
That was closely followed by playing with their bulldog, Gus.  He got a little too close at one point and started licking her whole face.  It seems to cause an allergic reaction and she started rubbing her eyes and got some hives on her face.  She isn't around dogs a lot but has never had a reaction, so it was likely the intensity of the encounter.  Jimmy's sister got her some Benadryl and we gave her a bath to wash off the dander.  We also gave her clothes a quick wash. She was feeling better petty quickly and was able to get in a quick nap.
We spent a couple more hours hanging out before making the drive home.
It was after 9 before we got home and both kids were ready for bed.  A long day, but well worth the family time.

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