Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Farewell Walter

With purchasing a new vehicle, we needed to decide what to do with our old Mazda 3, Walter. We thought about trying to sell it, but figured we couldn’t get a whole lot. Then we decided we would try to find someone to give it to. I knew our pastor’s daughter would be getting her license soon, so I reached out to him and they were interested. 

Jimmy bought this car brand new with under 1000 miles and owned it for almost 15 years. It’s been a really good little vehicle and has a lot of good miles left on it. He isn’t pretty, but he’ll get you there. We did one last little photo shoot with him before saying goodbye.
Anagrace was pretty excited to have a car of her own! The fun thing about giving him to someone we know is that we will still get to see him driving around.
She will officially get her license in a few weeks and Walter will get to have some new adventures! Congrats Anagrace!

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