Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Celebrating 9 Years with Family Fun

I had a few days off this week for spring break.  Jimmy couldn't get the whole week off, but Wednesday was his normal day off.  It was also our 9th anniversary, so we spent some time as a family.  We headed over to the children's museum, which was busier than I expected, but there were a lot of field trip groups.  They have a newer Daniel Tiger exhibit that both kids loved.
 Parker's favorite part was the music area.  It was a bunch of unconventional items made in to instruments.
Our second stop was in Our World.  Parker hung out in the hardware store as usual and Esme held down the taco stand.
She was adding things to her pan, stirring, and taste testing.
 Parker joined her and they both had fun spinning the bowls.
 I made some tasty brunch burgers for dinner with candied bacon and a fried egg.
Things have changed a bit in the last 9 years, but I wouldn't trade our little life and family for anything!  Happy Anniversary Jimmy!

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