Friday, October 20, 2017

Fun and Productive Family Weekend

Our niece, Emma, turned 11 earlier this month and her birthday party was last Saturday.  We got to see Jimmy's sister and niece and nephew from Two Harbors and celebrate.  Esme loved playing with a balloon and outside on the slide.  It was chilly and drizzly, so she got pretty wet.
 Happy Birthday Emma!
 It cleared up enough on Sunday for us to install the free swing set we picked up last week.
 The platform was a little wider than we wanted so, we cut down the boards to make it narrower.
 I already had a long drill bit to make new holes for the bolts and we had it put together within a few hours.
 Sunday was also my parents anniversary so I grabbed a dozen donuts from Dunkin to celebrate.  Parker was a big fan.
 We added some mulch a few days later and it was ready for playing!  It is going to be so nice to have a decent play set in our yard.

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