Sunday, November 22, 2015

16 weeks and random pictures

A couple months ago I announced we were expecting baby #2 and I haven't really mentioned it since.  I was officially 16 weeks on Tuesday and things are continuing to to go well.  We have has two more appointments where we got to hear a good strong heartbeat.  I am doing pretty good keeping my blood sugar in check and have gained minimal weight so far, which is good.  I am hoping to only gain 10-15 the whole time, so I am off to a good start.  We have our anatomy scan in 2.5 weeks.  I am so excited to see our little guy or gal and find out the gender.  We are doing a very small gender reveal with just our parents and will share after that happens.  I finally feel comfortable enough to share a "bump" picture.  It is still mainly pudge, but I feel like it is starting to round out a bit and look more like I am pregnant.
 In other randomness, the corn was harvested by my parents house, so we took an off-road trip on the twister last weekend through the field!  It was a bumpy ride, but Parker seemed to enjoy it.  We visited the cows as well and he is getting very good at mooing to them.
 My parents stopped by for some iPhone support on Sunday and my dad was really excited to get Parker up from his nap.  I pictured this exact image when we transitioned Parker to his big boy bed.  Grandpa loves to snuggle with the Parkman!
 We visited Jimmy's dad in the hospital again last week as well.  I am so happy that Parker has become comfortable there, it makes visits so easy.  Grandpa Herrmann always has snacks and lots of cars for him to play with.  He especially loves rolling them down the inclined bed.
Lastly, we had a morning movie date yesterday.  There are 3 big movies we want to see in the next couple months, so it was nice to check one off the list.  I love going on Saturday mornings because tickets are only $5.35.  I also had a gift card, so it only cost $4.75 with popcorn and a drink!  We saw the final Hunger Games movie.  It was pretty good, but didn't end in the dramatic fashion I was expecting (I never finished the book series.)  It has been a pretty slow couple of weeks, but with get busy again with holidays and birthdays.  Hope you have a great week!

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