Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a great low-key Thanksgiving this year.  It was just us and my parents so we headed over early to just hang out.  Parker wouldn't eat much of a traditional dinner so we didn't make his wait.  He enjoyed mac and cheese (Kraft) and chicken nuggets before taking a nap.
 My mom and dad put together a great meal!  It was a true feast!
 We hung out and watched football until Parker woke up.  Then my mom and I did our version of black Friday shopping, online!
Finally, it was time for the 7th Annual Thanksgiving Pool Tournament, along with some silliness.
 This was Jimmy's winning shot against me in the first game.
 Parker even got in on the action by stealing a couple balls off the table!  He took them to the ball return so as least he had good intentions.
 It was my dad who took the crown this year, one of these years it will be me...
How was your Thanksgiving?  Hopefully you had a chance to relax as well!

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