Saturday, November 29, 2014

Parker's Rockin' Birthday Bash(es)!

Whew....I am pretty sure my post from his last birthday started the same way... I probably took on a little too much this year, but it was worth it (for me anyway!)  We pulled double duty, hosting a family and friends party in the same day.  Probably won't do that again...

As always, I went all out with Parker's Rock Star Party.  We set the stage (pun intended) with backstage pass invitations.  I printed the photos below, laminated them and added a ribbon so they could hang on the neck.
Next step was to convert our storage room into an awesome backstage setting.
 I used plastic table clothes and streamers to camouflage the shelves and floor joists.  It was a tight space, but it was nice to have all the events on one floor because our house it on the smaller size.
 I also had my first adventure in night before gift assembly.  I was a little worried because the reviews said it didn't come with instructions.  Luckily, we got some and there were more online resources.  Can you guess what he got?
 Every VIP event has swag bags and so did ours.  Glow sticks, necklaces, Pop Rocks and more!
 The final decoration was creating a fun VIP entrance with streamers.
Just before my parents arrived Parker face planted into the floor and cut open his lip pretty badly.  It was the most I have ever seen him bleed.  Luckily it was better than it looked and he just has a little fat lip.

The family party was at 11:00.  We make pizza and chicken DRUMSTICKS for lunch, along with cupcakes and cookies for dessert.
 We sang "Happy Birthday" with his cake, but saved the eating of it for his second party.
 Next was presents, Parker still has no interest in unwrapping, he'd rather do somersaults!
 Our families are so generous and thoughtful, such fun gifts.
 A few people contributed to his main gift, a new drum set!  He was having so much fun with his small one I thought it would be great to get him an upgrade to a full junior set.  He had the biggest smile on his face when we uncovered it!
 It was a quick and easy nap time after all the morning activities.
After a brief break, prep began for round two!  We gathered all the musical instruments in the house for the kids to play with (they managed to dig out everything else in the room too!)
 Then got the snacks ready, pepperoni guitar pizza, fruit, veggies and lots of desserts.
Pop Rock cupcakes, drum cake, guitar and music note sugar cookies
Immediately after waking from nap, Parker walked into the kitchen and swiped a cookie!  He is my kid...
Cookie thief
 Guests started arriving and got in the groove right away.  It was fun to see Kyla and Simon on the dueling drums.
 Diva Kadley arrived in high style!
 For our activity we made bongos from balloon and shipping tubes and decorated cardboard guitars.
 They turned out great!
 Then it was back to play time.  Kyla really took a liking to the drums, I don't think her dad was too excited about that!
Four on a couch?
 One final encore and the party extravaganza was over.  Whew, now I am ready for bed!  Thanks to all of Parker's great fans friends that came, it was a truly epic show!

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