Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday Party at Edinborough Park

We found time for fun this weekend amidst some of the craziness.  Parker was invited to his friend Simon's birthday party.  We showed up a bit late because of Parker's EEG, but made it in time for cake and presents.  The party was at Edinborough Park, an indoor playground.  I have heard about it so many times so I was very excited to go.  Simon and Parker are only a few days apart in age, it is always fun to see those two together.  We also got to see several of our other friends from our ECFE class last year.
Happy Birthday Simon!
Simon's awesome parents, Derek and Shannon, are geeky like Jimmy and myself (totally a compliment and they know it!)  I knew I wanted to make some fun gifts for Simon that highlighted the geek factor. 
I saw both of these on Pinterest and had to recreate them with my Silhouette and heat transfer vinyl.
That's the formula for force if you didn't figure it out.
Simon is also expecting a little brother or sister.  I got them in on the fun too.
It was such a fun party.  We stayed a little while after to play since we had missed that earlier in the afternoon.  After a bit of coaxing Parker finally went down the slide all by himself!  Such a cutie!
Hopefully we will have a chance to come to this park again soon!  Thanks again for inviting us Simon!

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