Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Weekend #3

We made it through our final spring wedding!  This last weekend Parker, my mom and I went to Michigan for my cousin Mark's wedding.  We woke up VERY early on Friday and started the 12 hours drive!  Parker did extremely well in the car, but we made a couple longer stops to let him stretch his legs.  I was also able to get a bunch of BabyTV shows on the iPad to keep him occupied.  Parker spiked a fever on Friday night, but I was able to get some Tylenol and he was better by morning.

5 of my mom's siblings drove up from Nebraska for the celebration as well.  It has been years since that many of them (7 total with my mom and aunt from NY) have gotten together without any spouses or children.  They had a blast!

The wedding wasn't until 4 on Saturday so a bunch of us went to Potter Park Zoo in nearby Lansing.  It was a great zoo!  My mom has a MN Zoo membership so we got 50% of partner admission, just $5 each!  They had a lot of exhibits and it was nice to be outside!  It was 80 and beautiful the whole weekend!
They offered camel rides for a small fee and I was so excited to take Parker!
I love that we have the same expression here!

Below is my mom with 4 of her 11 siblings
Walt, Janet (my mom), Tim, Margaret, Warren 
Parker got his first skinned knee walking up the hill from the lions.  He recovered quickly from the shock and has been intrigued by the scab ever since!
 Our last stop was the farm area.  They had a goat pen that you could go in.  Parker didn't have much interest in the goats, but he didn't want to leave either.  It was a great way to spent a warm sunny morning!
We all went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap, then headed to the wedding.  The ceremony was absolutely stunning (and so was the bride!)  It was at a winery/orchard in the country.  They have a dock on a little pond and the chairs were in the shade.
Becca and her father

7 of 12: Warren, Janet, Walt, Mary (Mother of Groom), Tim, Margaret, Jim
 Mark and Becca make such a wonderful couple.  You can quickly see how much love, adoration and respect they have for one another.
 Time to groove!  Nana and Parker hit the floor!

Get out of my way!
We cut an hour off of the trip home!  It was nice to be back in MN again!

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