Thursday, March 7, 2013

15 Months

My toddler is 15 months old already!  Here are the highlights!

-Walking!  Walking became is main form of transport on Christmas Day
-Mimicking, he will copy most things we do.  This is fun because we can immediately see him "learning" things.  He also seems to maintain the remember most of the things he copies.
-Weaned from the bottle.  Just as I was wondering if he would ever get the hang of a sippy cup he self-weaned from bottles.  He just decided to stop drinking from them over the course of about 2 days.  It has taken a couple weeks, but I think we have finally found the right cup for him!
-Stranger Danger/clinginess, Parker is pretty timid around new people right now, which is normal.  He will easily go to Jimmy and myself.  It is also fun to see him go my dad!  His Grandpa loves to roll around on the floor and wrestle with him.  He can also be pretty clingy and get angry if Jimmy or myself leaves the room or goes downstairs.  I think it's a little endearing!
With Grandpa
We had his 15 month check-up on Tuesday.  Despite eating like a teenager, he remains skinny at just 21lbs (7%) and average for height at 31".  That was good news since he jumped 3 points in weight!  Our doctor isn't concerned as long as he doesn't drop off the chart.

Here he is at doctor!  This was before the shots, he was having a blast walking around the exam room!
Jimmy has also started to venture out with Parker more on his off days.  I think they both do better when they have outside stimulation.  This week they headed to Ridgedale for some window shopping and playing in Tiny Town.  Parker picked a nice ride!
Lastly, we have been trying to watch Husker basketball when we can, GO BIG RED!  They played the Gophers last night and WON!  Parker was in bed before tipoff, but he got some good pre-game time with Herbie!

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