Tuesday, January 2, 2024

New Year's Weekend

We took a family outing to Rosedale Center on Saturday.  We got some Hostess like cupcakes from a cute little bakery.
They still had some holiday embellishments to see.  When I saw that Build-A-Bear was having a sale, we stopped in to see if anything caught our eyes. Esme was immediately drawn to Liberty from Paw Patrol and Parker picked out a dinosaur.
This was Esme's second time, but Parker's first.  He was so excited to participate in the process.  Here they are pressing the peddle to fill with stuffing.
Next was adding in the heart.  Parker rubbing it in his armpit was my favorite part!
The worker sewed them up and we were on our way.
Their new friends had quite the fun trip out of the mall.
I make a little platform from cardboard for Esme to stage her Cabbage Patch Cuties and other small stuffies.  It was a great way to clear some space on her bed.
We finally got a little more snow and Esme immediately wanted to go play, so we did.
Parker even broke out his bike!
For New Year's Eve, we made a smaller charcuterie board and baked meatball sliders.
The finishing touch on the year was me finally winning a season of fantasy football!  This was my 19th year playing and I finally did it!
Happy New Year, have a great 2024!

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