Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Pool Season is Open!

We had a lot less prep to get the pool set up this year.  Our dirt pad stayed in great condition over the winter and required minimal work.  We did have to start a much larger project that will be featured in a future post.
I started filling it on Tuesday last week and it finished on Wednesday.  We have a new hose that has a much greater output and it filled in half the time as last year.  It was pretty brisk coming from the ground.
Parker has been asking for weeks about the pool and wanted to get in right away.  Jimmy was hesitant, but I let him give it a go.
He didn't last too long with how cold it was, about 59 degrees.
Esme finally hopped in Saturday. These kids are brave!

I took my first dip on Sunday and it was to about 70.  The solar cover has been doing some heavy lifting and we will be at a good temp in no time.

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