Monday, November 28, 2022

Christmas Kick-Off

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent and we kicked it off with cinnamon rolls and the first stocking gifts of the year.
Parker got a Spiderman watch (that I can't figure out how to set.). Esme got a new Barbie and math activity book.
Jimmy got a massage gun which he's been talking about getting for a while.  These were all Black Friday finds at Menards.
This was the first year in ages that I finished all of the new patches before the Christmas season began. Esme chose a grilled cheese sandwich and Parker got a fidget spinner.  I chose our church logo since I joined the governing board this year, and Jimmy has a silhouette of a man running.
Esme started working on the math book right away and it's already done!  I love her love for learning.

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