Friday, September 13, 2019

All the Sports (and some new shirts)

With the Twins doing so well, there are so many sports happening for us right now.  Here is a cute picture of Parker in his Twins gear using the phone in our garage.  A couple weeks ago he started having pretend conversations in it (yay for imaginative play!)
 We were finally able to break out the purple and gold again, Skol Vikings!
 Parker's school had a dress up day in honor of the border battle this weekend.  I made him a custom shirt in honor of the former Viking that works at his school.
 You can never go wrong with more Husker gear!  Parker has had the same para in his classroom for a couple years.  She is a big Nebraska fan and I got this adorable picture sent to me.  Go Big Red!
 New seasons means new custom shirt as well.  The first is a new basketball shirt.  My dad has been brainstorming ideas ever since Nebraska announced their new coach in March.  He came up with the "Go Big Fred" in the shape of Nebraska.  He also liked the idea of a three dimensional basketball, but wasn't sure how to incorporate it.  I came up with this design and think it turned out great!
 I also made a new face mask shirt for him now that it's football season again.

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