Monday, November 19, 2018

Living at Urgent Care

Ugh, it's been a rough fall for us in the health department.  Both kids have been to urgent care more tha once.  We'd had colds and ear infections and pink eye.  I feel like Esme has had a non-stop cough to months.  

The second to last time we took her in, she got a chest x-ray.  Jimmy said she did great, but the tech briefly mentioned that her heart and other organs were backward.  Jimmy isn't always one fore details, but I figured her primary doctor would contact us if needed.  I also thought it was strange since there was an echocardiogram performed in utero and right after she was born.  Not sure how it could have been missed with all of that.  Her doctor did call a couple days later to discuss.  She called the U of M to have them review the echo from birth and they confirmed her organs were not backward.  Likely, the x-ray tech just marked the image incorrectly.  A minor and short-lived scare. 
We didn't go to the doctor for these, but both kids got a goose egg on the same day a couple weeks ago.  Esme ran in to a table and Parker slipped on some rocks at school.
Last week things hit a new low when Parker got pink eye.  He went to bed with a slightly goopy eye and woke with them welded shut.  I managed to keep him quarantined from Esme that morning and headed to the clinic.
It was likely viral, but we got drops just in case.  Walgreens is right next to Dunkin' Donuts, so I grabbed a pink donut.  I think that made Parker feel much better!
We took another trip on Sunday afternoon when Esme told Jimmy her ear was hurting.  Double infection and on to antibiotics.  She was already doing better this morning and was back to daycare.
Hoping to we can get healthier as we head in to the holidays.

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