Sunday, September 30, 2018

Autism Speaks Walk 2018

We had another great year at the Autism Speaks Walk on Saturday.  It was at US Bank Stadium again.  We arrived just after 9, checked in, and headed down to the field.  It will always be a blast getting to hang out on professional football turf.
After a quick snack the first thing we saw was Moana!  They had a bunch of Disney princesses on hand.  I was so excited for Esme to see her since she LOVES Moana.  It didn't go as well as I hoped.  She gave a reluctant high five and posed for a picture, but that was it.  I think she was just very confused to see Moana in real life.  Parker, on the other hand, wouldn't leave her alone.  
The kids enjoyed hanging out and running around before the walk started.
Another good crowd this year.  In addition to my parents, we were joined by my brother's girlfriend and her son.
We were one of the top 10 teams, so I got to participate in the walk countdown.  We used pompoms instead of applause to cheer since loud noises can be a bother to some on the spectrum.  
In the end, we raised $2995 for our cause!  Thanks for your support!

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