Monday, July 16, 2018

Duk Duk Daze 2018

With our move we have a new festival.  We are actually in the same city we used to be, but are closer to the Duk Duk Daze festivities.  We walked over on Friday night to check things out.  We looked at a few vendors and grabbed some food.  Jimmy and I shared a pork chop and some roasted corn and kids split a bag of mini donuts.  They were a sticky sugary mess, but it was bath night.
 We played a few carnival games then headed to the park.
 Parker enjoyed the spinning wheel that you can hang on (not sure it's official name.)  He flung all the way around it once, but I didn't catch it on video.  Esme enjoyed the swings and the slides.
The carnival was a lot smaller than the frolics one we are used to and there wasn't as many food booths.  Perhaps we will try to check it out on Saturday or Sunday next year and experience more activities.

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