Monday, April 16, 2018

Make Way for Esme's Moana Birthday

Despite Queen Elsa's best efforts we were able to sneak in Esme's Moana birthday party before the Snomageddon got REALLY bad. You'll hear more about that in another post.  I've mentioned how much Esme loves Moana, so it seemed like the logical choice for her birthday party.
 I hung her blanket from the window and picked up some cheap luau decorations to brighten things up.
We had "Pua" pineapple pulled pork and "Hei Hei" pulled chicken with chips, baked beans, and fruit skewers.
 I also had a build your own snack mix bar.  the bags were decorated to look like Kakamora, coconut armored pirates.  The snack options were white caps (popcorn), cannon balls (malted milk balls), dried pineapple, banana chips, and gummy sharks.
 The cake was two layers, vanilla on the bottom, chocolate on top.  It was decorated to look like a waterfall and covered with Pirouline wafer cookies that kind of look like tree trunks.
 I made some cupcakes with the remaining batter.  Vanilla ones with a Te Fiti theme and chocolate ones that were "shiny" like Tamatoa's shell.  You'll notice the "80" cupcake made especially for our dear friend, Chuck, who dedicated Esme at church and shares her birthday.
 She was a little unsure when we started singing "Happy Birthday", but perked up when it came to presents.
 She got some new clothes, a pig stuffed animal, and a couple dolls.
 Her new Skechers shoes were the big hit!  She wanted to put them on right away and got mad when I tried to take them off.
 Everyone made it home safe and we had a great day celebrating Esme!  Happy birthday baby bear, we love you so much!

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