Saturday, August 19, 2017

Birthday Festivities 2017

Our birthday was today!  It's the 10th time Jimmy and I have celebrated together and I am finally getting used to it.  As usually we've been taking full advantage of free birthday food.  My parents took the kids last night and we went out to Red Robin.
I normally don't splurge for appetizers, but make an exception when we are both getting free meals.  The onion ring tower is the best!
I downed the Royal Red Robin and Jimmy gobbled up the Bleu Ribbon.
 Here is the other free grub I've had so far this month.
 I volunteered to work this morning since they were short a couple people.  It was a pretty easy day and one of my co-workers got me a huge Texas Donut!  This is way better than a card and the whole family got to share it.
I spent the rest of the day doing house projects that I will share later.  Hazard of moving right before your birthday I suppose.  Until next year!

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  1. Free food rocks - props on taking advantage of it! That donut is AWESOME! Where was it from? Happy Belated!