Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy Fourth of July

We didn't do too much to celebrate this year other than dressing the kids in red, white, and blue.
We went to Best Buy in the morning to purchase our new washer, dryer, and a new TV for Jimmy.  I've been promising for years he could get one when we move.  Then we headed to IKEA for a lunch and to do some preliminary shopping for the new house.
Dessert at Dairy Queen finished our outing.  Parker got his very first Mr. Misty (although they call it something different now.)
We were finally able to set the pool up for the first time now that the house is sold and inspections are complete.  Esme is not too sure about it.  It may be because it was a little cold or because of all the splashing.  She preferred staying in the yard or standing outside watching.
I took the 5th off as well and we had another day as a family so we headed to the children's museum.  This was Jimmy's first time in the newly renovated spaces.  It was nice to have another adult to wrangle the kids.
Parker was really intrigued by the fire truck display.  He has been fearful of real ones in the past, so this could be a step in the right direction.
We checked out a couple areas we hadn't seen on our last two visits.  Imaginopolis is filled with a variety of objects that are made to foster creativity.  Parker like the hanging noodle wall.
This will probably be our last visit for a while since we need to get packing.  Our move is just a few weeks away!

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