Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Minnesota State Fair

Jimmy and I took a Parker-less trip to the state fair on Saturday.  It was lined up to be a gorgeous day!  A little chilly when we walked in, but not too bad.
We go to the fair mainly for the food, but I enjoy walking around and looking at all the booths.  Jimmy usually isn't a big fan of my perusing, but he found one thing he liked this year!  I may have to try to make a version of this for him!
 We came across two MN Twins players doing a radio interview, Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton.  I don't recall if I shared on here about, but Buxton is my maiden name, so I was super excited when we drafted Byron a few years ago.  He was finally called up this year so I sprung for his t-shirt!  I almost wore it to the fair and I wish I would have.  After the interview they came out and started taking pictures.
 It was so amazing to meet two of our best players!  Definitely a moment to remember!
 We walked through the creative arts building next.  I love that they have a huge snickerdoodle cookie challenge divided by age groups.  If only the challenge was to eat all the cookies...count me in!
 One of our last stops was looking at ATVs.  Jimmy has become quite the fan over the last few years.  This one has twice the power of what he is used to riding, might be a bit too much for him, and our neighborhood!
 Of course it isn't the fair without food!  Here is the rundown:
Mini Cinnamon Rolls
Cheese Curds
Sweet Martha's Cookies
Papa Pup (foot-long Pronto Pup)
Cowboy Bites (corn, bacon, jalapeno and cream cheese)
Lefse (our friends make it better, glad it was only $3)
FREE ice cream sandwich
Crab Fritters
Another great day at the Great Minnesota Get-Together!  We are already planning the menu for next year.

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