Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kansas City: Part 1

We have been talking about getting to Kansas City for years to see the Twins play at Kauffman Stadium.  A while back we decided 2015 was going to be the year.  We were a bit disappointed when the schedule was released.  Our options were April, July 4th, and Labor Day.  We were not about to fight holiday traffic and prices, so April it is!  Parker started a low grade fever the day before our trip (a while other story!) but we made the choice to hit the road.
THe car ride gave him plenty of time to rest and relax!
It was lunch time when we hit Des Moines, but our first stop was Krispy Kreme.  It has become quite the novelty since leaving MN many years ago, so we have to indulge when we are close to one!
We still had a few hours to go after lunch.  We hit some storms in southern Iowa, but made it to the hotel in time to watch the end of the Wild's second playoff game.  We headed across the border to Kansas that evening to visit an Apple Store.  This has become a quirky vacation tradition for us, plus Jimmy got to check out the Apple Watch!
We planned to get BBQ for dinner, but the wait was way too long.  We ended up grabbing some Chinese takeout and heading back to the hotel.

Parker's fever was coming in and out, but he seemed better Sunday morning.  After breakfast at the hotel we went downtown to check out the City Market.  It is a little outdoor market with lots of little shops situated between downtown and the river.
There were a ton of spice stands that you could buy different blends from.
The river was just a few blocks away so we took a walk to an observation deck overlooking it.
Parker loved stomping on the planks of the railroad bridge.
We headed to Country Club Plaza to check out the Missouri Apple Store.  There were a few things Jimmy didn't have the time to figure out/play with on the Apple Watch the first time, so he was pretty excited to see it again.
Parker wasn't quite as enthused (but nap time was approaching.)
I am not sure why I originally took the picture below, but it has a fun story.  Later that afternoon I decided to Google where the Twins stay in KC.  It just so happens to be the Intercontinental pictured in the middle is where they usually stay!
We grabbed a quick lunch at Gates BBQ upon recommendation from my friend Courtney.  Jimmy had a great burnt ends sandwich and I got ribs!
We all rested in the afternoon, then hit the pool for a refreshing dip!
We had a low-key dinner at Waffle House.  We haven't been to one since I was pregnant with Parker, so I was excited to go!  Yummy waffles and super crispy hash browns were the way to go.
Next Up: City Hall, Crown Center, and Kauffman Stadium

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