Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today's "Worst Mom Ever" Moment

I know that I am NOT the worst mom ever.  But all of us have those moments that make us feel that way.  Parker and I took a walk to Target today and were heading over to my parents right after.  When we got back home I just put Parker in the car so we could get going.  He was very crabby at this idea so I gave him my keys to play with while I ran inside to grab his bag.  My dad has warmed me...and warned me not to let him play with them, but I didn't listen.  I grabbed the last item and was heading out the door when I heard it...*beep*.  I just stopped for a few seconds...then realized that my car was most likely locked...with Parker inside.

I ran to the car and sure enough it was locked.  I freaked out for a moment, then remembered the spares!  I ran back in to Jimmy's dresser and looked in the key box.  Nothing.  Then I saw his normal set of keys sitting there.  Unfortunately, that meant Jimmy had taken the spare to work with him.  Ok, time for plan B.  I will call my dad and see if he still has a spare set, "where is my phone?"  In the car, of course!  So I run to my wonderful neighbors house and pray that she is home.  Thankfully she was and let me borrow her phone.  My parents did not have a set so that solution was out.  There was only one choice left (other than waiting 5 hours for Jimmy to get home.)  I called the police.  They were very understanding, but I felt a little silly for being in that situation.  The car wasn't running and it was in the garage so he was never in danger.

The officer arrived within about 5 minutes and started to break into my car.  Just as he got it unlocked Parker started chewing on the fob, initiating the lock button.  It was "beep, beep, beep, beep."  I finally caught the door in time and we were clear!  The aforementioned wonderful neighbor made me feel better when she shared that it had happened to her once too!

Lesson learned: ALWAYS leave a door open if you are going to have the kids in the car (even for a moment.) And, don't let the kid play with your keys.  I did get him a fake set (which my dad is still unhappy with,) but it will keep him away from the real deal!

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