Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

I have been wanted to get to a pumpkin patch for weeks.  Finally got out tonight.  I was hoping to get some pictures of Parker playing with the pumpkins, but he wasn't really into it.  I am keeping it short tonight so lets get to the pictures!

Had to tickle him to get a smile!

This was a candid shot...I love it!
 He really perked up when we put him in the corn pit.  I was worried that he might try to eat it, but that was not his interest.  He LOVED it.  He probably could have played in there for hours.


  1. Very nice pictures! Looks like you had a great time at the pumpkin patch. I like that corn pit! :)

    1. Thanks Momma Bee! I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never seen a corn pit before. I was expecting it to be dusty and dirty, but it wasn't at all.