Saturday, July 28, 2012

Parker's First Frolics (Updated with more pictures)

This weekend is Crystal Frolics, our city celebration! This morning (Saturday) is the Fire Station Waffle Breakfast which is always a tasty adventure! Plus it is Parker's first trip to the fire station! We saw some trucks a few weeks ago, but it's fun to see the whole set-up. Hopefully we will get a chance to walk around the carnival later today or tomorrow.
Sunday we walked over to check out the carnival and food stands.  I thought we had missed the parade, but we were lucky enough to catch some of it.  There were some cool little boat cars that Parker was pretty interested in.  They kept driving around in circles and he thought it was so much fun.

 He also got to see his first clowns.  They were just intriguing.  I wonder if they purposefully stay away from the babies because they didn't get close to any of them!

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