Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evolution of a Nursery!

Our baby haven is coming together.  We have it painted, furniture is assembled and sewing projects are well under way!  Just thought I would share a couple photos of how the room has evolved since we bought our home.

Below is how the room looked when we closed.  There was wall to wall paneling!  It was awful!  We even discovered a huge hole in the sheetrock!  Luckily my dad is handy and he patched it up for us.

We painted the room blue and used it as an office and music room for a while.  We had a day bed in there for about a year as well so it was a full fledged guest room!

It is now finally a NURSERY!  Or at the least the start of one.  I still need to decide where to hang my felt monkey art...Suggestions are welcome!  We are still looking to add a small table next to the glider with a lamp as well as a bookcase next to the crib.  I am most excited about the rug!  I just bought it tonight at Menards!  I was there for other reasons and came across this beauty!  I have been looking for a green shaggy rug everywhere that wasn't too big!  Best part, it was on clearance, only $20!

I love it and can't wait until it's finished and our little guy is home!

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