Saturday, December 26, 2015

More Christmas Fun!

The Christmas fun continued earlier this week with Secret Santa, potluck, and ugly sweater contest at work.  All the secret Santa participants filled out surveys to help with gifts.  I got a big jug of Arnie Palmer and KitKats on the first day! 
 Then got a great big box full of cute stuff for baby girl!  This was the first girl stuff we have gotten, so I was pretty excited!  She will be one cute little munchkin!
 I went a bit simpler with this years sweater, just a basic reindeer (you can see last year's here.)  I had some brown terry cloth lying around and made the eyes and mouth with felt.  The nose is a round piece of felt I stuffed with scraps.  I cut the antlers out of cardboard and covered them with felt as well.
 The potluck was a winner as well and there were plenty of lower carb options to fill me up.
 Lauren won this year with here sequined wonder!
 My grandma and Larry couldn't make it up last year due to the weather, but did make it this year.  We stopped at my parents briefly on Wednesday night to pick up Parker because my mom had watched him while I worked.  We also got a chance to visit with my Grandma and Larry.

We invited them over for breakfast on Christmas Eve, as we have done in the past.  It was great to have some time to visit with just us.
 We headed to the hospital after lunch to visit Grandpa Herrmann.  They had a great potluck put on by families of the patients, which was delicious!  Parker also had a good time lounging!

 After church we headed to my parents house for soup and games!  Soup was the traditional Christmas Eve meal for my dad's side before we switched to a January celebration.  My parents neighbors had a free night, so they stopped by too.  
Up Next: Finally Christmas Day!

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