Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Kick-Off

We had a full day of Christmas celebration on Sunday.  We celebrated with Jimmy's immediate family over lunch, then headed to his aunt and uncle's to celebrate with his dad's side.  I had some pretty dapper looking dudes!
 Jimmy's dad is still in hospital, so it was a bit strange not to have him there.  He always gives the best blessings and prayers before we eat and I really missed it.
 The food was delicious as always.  Ham and brisket were the main entrees with lots of sides and desserts!
 The kids had a blast playing together for a bit before we opened gifts.
 I didn't get a ton of pictures from gifts because I was filming most of it for Jimmy's dad.
 As always, the gifts were so generous!  Parker and I headed over to our next Christmas, while Jimmy headed home.  He had been dealing with a mild stomach bug and just wanted to rest.  It ended up being a small group since 3 of the other guys were also sick!  Both Jimmy's mom's and dad's side Christmases ended up being at the same night.  We decided to go to this one, his mom went to the other one and one of his sisters made a quick stop at both.  It was mainly just Jimmy's two uncles, a bunch of women and 4 cute little boys!
They are getting to a very fun (and rambunctious) age.  Hope you have some great holiday plans with your families too!

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