Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014 Minnesota State Fair

We got up early today and headed to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, one of my favorite times of the year!  We arrived just after 8 and the weather was actually pretty nice.  It was mild and cloudy which made the humidity tolerable!  It was breezy later in the morning which felt good too!
 We explored a bit, then headed to the Kemps Little Farm Hands exhibit.  We thought about going a couple years ago, but realized he was far too little to enjoy it.  He enjoyed it, but still moved to the beat of his own drum!
 We gathered corn, moved hay bales with the tractor, fed chickens, got an egg...
 Planted a seed...
 Watered it, then harvested our crop.
 and then we milked a cow!
 Finally, we sold our goods at the farmer's market....
 and used the profit for a special treat!  Thanks Kemps!
 We went to the giant slide next.  I was a little worried it would scare Parker, but he loved it (so did Jimmy!)
 We checked out the animal bars last and even took a picture with some cows!  I love cows!
 Parker got the best tattoo at the Moo Booth.
 And I got a souvenir at the Oink Booth.
 It wouldn't have been the fair without a plethora of delicious eats!  I think we kept it pretty tame this year.
Parker's favorites were the donuts...
 and Sweet Martha's cookies!
He was very well behaved considering we kept him tied up for close to 4 hours.  Just a few minor melt downs.  We can't wait to head back next year!

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