Wednesday, August 20, 2014

...and Other Things...

I got a bit caught up in the other festivities of the week and forgot to post about the fun we had last weekend.  On Saturday, Parker and I met our friends, Shannon, Simon, and Daphne at the Farmer's Market for a play date.  The mini donut vendor there is the BEST!  You get twice as many donuts as most places for the same price.  We may have to go every week, just for these.
 One of the vendors gave each of the boys a free cucumber (I think that's a cucumber...)
 We walked over to a park next to let the boys run off some steam.
 Parker was helping spin Simon!
 We headed out the the free family fun day at Country Daze in my parents city.  Parker is getting ever more independent so it is getting hard to keep him entertained and contained.  The monster truck was one of his favorites!
 There were also fawns that you could feed and pet.  Parker was heading towards their water dish here...
 Parker built a birdhouse with my dad last year.  We built a bird feeder together this year.
 Jayden and Cody got in on the action as well.

I had a family picnic for work on Sunday.  There was a great bounce house that Parker loved (once he got comfortable.)  He thought the other kids were a riot!
He could jump all day...

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