Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Today is Jimmy and my birthday!  I love birthdays and today was perfect.  I got some extra time with Parker this morning during the second half of his re-evaluation this morning.  My afternoon at work zoomed by, then Jimmy and I grabbed dinner at Benihana with his parents.  I look forward to Benihana all year!  Shrimp Sauce!
We stopped at Nadia Cakes before heading home and I got a Tropical paradise, a pineapple, mango, and coconut cupcake.
My mom was at our house with Parker so we opened gifts with them when we got back from dinner.  Jimmy got a new razor from Parker, "the Dyson for your face," as he calls it.
 A new Huskers shirt from me that was purchased during our 4th of July trip.  I am not good at keeping gifts a secret, but I did it this time!
 And the complete Seinfeld series from my parents!  We are both excited about that.
 I got some wonderful gifts too!
 We were even able to get a really great family picture!  Only one year left in my 20's so I better enjoy it!

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