Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Back!

I have been a bit of a Debbie Downer lately.  I think I have put an end to my pity party (for now!)  I have just had a LOT of thinking to do.  It seems like every free moment of the last 3 weeks has been spent dwelling on Parker's super powers (what I am choosing to call Autism.)  But, in between all that dwelling we have actually had some fun!  I will try to be brief and just share lots of pictures.

A couple weekends ago we went to a local city days festival with my dad and nephews.  They have a bird house station where kids can help build one for free (donations accepted.)  Both of my nephews built one.
 My dad helped build one as Parker watched.
 We plan to put it up in our yard next spring.
 They also had a free "train."  Actually, most of the stuff at this thing was free!
On the train 

Checking out the "wheels," his favorite!
 The next day we went to my parents to celebrate Jimmy and my birthday.  My parents are getting a new patio so we started out by watching my brother excavate for it.  He does landscaping professionally.
Taking a ride with Uncle Sean and Grandpa
Jimmy got to ride the new go-kart
 I made White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes (a nod to one of our wedding cake flavors.)

 It was a great day with my family!
 Even when I drove off the bridge!  The creek was dry, but it was still a bit scary!  The neighbors pulled us out!
I had made a post about our trip to the lake, but here are a couple more pictures that were on my other camera.

We also made time for our FAVORITE birthday tradition Benihana!  This was our 4th year going. They give a $30 certificate you can use during your birthday month.  It is practically a free meal since we have the same birthday!

We also made time for the State Fair!  It is one of my favorite things of the whole year!  We like to head out early to beat the crowds.  It was a lot different coming than going!
 Fair food!  Fried Pickles, Sweet Martha's Cookies, French Fries, Cinna-Minis, Mini Donut Beer (worth the 30 minute wait!), cheese curds, pronto pup!
 Lastly, I have been trying to get a haircut for WEEKS, but something always came up.  I finally did it on Friday!  My hair was SO long and it was time for a change.  I really like it, but it isn't as maintenance free as it used to be...Ah, the price of beauty...
Whew...That was a lot.  I am taking next week off to get Parker's care in order.  I have a lot of places to see and phone calls to make and it is really tough when you work full time!  I hope to start posting more again as I work through it all.

Ok, one more picture to share.  He was just too cute, I couldn't resist!
Have a great day!

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