Thursday, September 4, 2014

Round Two at the MN State Fair

This post is a bit belated, but that reason is for the next post.  Parker and I got the opportunity to go to the fair again last weekend with my parents.  My mom got a cheap ticket from a co-worker so it was hard to pass up!  We got there just before 8 and started eating exploring!  We stopped for mini cinnamon rolls as a breakfast snack, Parker approved.
 As always, the food was the highlight.  The different ones we tried this trip were breakfast sausage/pancake corndogs, Australian battered potatoes and a chinese sampler platter.
 Parker inspected the sausage pancake dog for a bit, then dug right in!
 We stopped in the animal bars next, he was not fan of the pig ears like I am!
 The sheep and goats were his favorite.  He loved to pet them and laugh at them!
 We stopped in Baldwin family park to give Parker some time to run about and burn energy.  I brought our Ergo carrier this time and it worked well to give him a different perspective and stay contained.  I just can't bring myself to get a baby leash...
 We grabbed a quick slice of pizza around noon and headed back to the car for a break.  He seemed tried on our way back and I thought he might nap.  The idea of that was totally gone as soon as I took him out of the stroller.
 Heading back in for another go!
 He was showing signs of tiring during our second pass, but just relaxed and never fell asleep.
 Minnesota Grown Exhibit
 A newer feature at the fair is craft beer tastings.  They had several flights to choose from.  I don't know which one we got, but it had a really tasty cinnamon beer and one that was just awful!
 They also has a wine tasting!  We chose the fruity group and I loved them all!  That is saying a lot because I am not a wine person normally!
We made a final lap and met up quickly with my brother and his family before hitting the road!  We all enjoyed a fun dip in my parents hot tub!  No better way to fight off the rigor than a hot soak!  Parker made it the whole day without a nap, but he was also being pushed around instead of walking...  It was so fun to get back to the fair with my parents, lets do it again next year!

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