Sunday, September 7, 2014

Down and Out!

Last Sunday I went to bed with what I thought was just a bad cold.  Then I woke up at 1 am hot, nauseous and in bad shape!  I actually texted my mom to see if she would be able to watch Parker on Monday since Jimmy had to work.  She was at my house that morning before I was even awake to give her an update.  I was achey and still had a fever, but Parker seemed to be fine.  I slept most of the day trying to fight off whatever fluish thing I had.  About 11:30 that morning Parker just laid down on my parents couch so they knew something was up with him as well.  He also had a fever and didn't want to eat lunch.  She brought him back after a LONG nap and we lounged and commiserated together.  The rare snuggles are the only good thing about a sick kiddo!
We all stayed home on Tuesday and really started to feel better by that night.  But, this sickness would not let go.  I tried going to work on Wednesday, my fever was long gone, but I was so hot and couldn't stop sweating! My manager ended up mentioning how flush I looked and told me it might be best just to go home and rest.  I took a 4 hour nap that afternoon, so I was still fighting something!  Finally by Thursday I was feeling operational!  It has been years and years since something has taken me out for 3 days.  Hopefully we got it out of the way and can enjoy the rest of the fall!

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