Monday, September 15, 2014

Proud Parent Moment

Parker made both of us a little teary with pride today!  A new little boy started at daycare today, I am guessing he is a bit younger than Parker.  He was having a tough time letting go of mom when we arrived.  We are usually the first ones there so this made Parker a little shy.  I greeted the new mom and boy and tried to reassure him that it would be a fun day.

The new guy was having a tough time when Jimmy picked Parker up this afternoon.  Probably a little jealous that the other parents were arriving.  Our daycare provider told Jimmy that Parker was a good friend to the new guy and played with him.  This warmed my heart in more ways than one.  First, I am so proud that Parker was friendly and accepting of the new kid.  Having a child with special needs often makes me wonder (and worry) if he will find acceptance now and as he grows older.  I can only hope that his joy will shine through and others will care for him as he has shown he can for them.  Second, I am very proud of how social and interactive Parker is becoming.  Interpersonal and social skills are a struggle for those on the autism spectrum so I am excited to see that he is noticing other kids and interacting!  We have been seeing this at therapy as well, but it is nice to know this is also happening in more common places.

On another random note, Parker has been stealing Jimmy's shoes and walking around in them all week!  Adorable!  I love this kid so much!
Hope your week is great!

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