Monday, March 27, 2017

Last Week's Wrap-Up

Last week was mix of fun, adventure, and little fear.  The weather is getting wormer for the most part and we have been able to spend more time outside.  Parker started looking through our fence last year and is continuing the fun.  I think he originally pushed the picnic table over there in an effort to climb over, but it just gave him a higher vantage point to peak through.
We've take a couple family walks and went to the park a few times as well.
We finally saw some success with Esme self-feeding and she started crawling on her knees.  She's gotten more adventurous as well and discovered the cavern behind the couch.
The scary part of the week was getting an early morning text from Jimmy on Thursday.  He has severe abdominal pain and checked himself in to the ER.  I was so scared and worried that it was something bad.  It turned out to be his very first kidney stone!  His dad has dealt with them since his early 20s, so we thought this may come about eventually.  He was given some pain meds and sent home to pass it.  It took a few bought of serious pain before it was over on Friday afternoon.  Not an event he wants to repeat soon, but at least he knows what it feels like now!
Friday was date night.  We didn't plan anything since we weren't sure if Jimmy would be up for it.  We decided last minute to check out a fish fry dinner with my parents at the American Legion on Wayzata.  It was just $10, all you can eat, and delicious!
Here are Esme's weekly pictures.  It's hard to see, but there is a little bird on her shirt that is so adorable.  I am excited to break out the spring and summer wear!  Have a great week!

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