Monday, March 20, 2017

Beauties and Beasts

I may have spoke slightly too soon about Esme's sleep getting better.  We had two nights last week that were rough.  This beauty turned in to a sleep fighting beast!  She was up for 90 minutes on Thursday night and 2 hours on Friday night.  This picture is from Thursday.  After and hour of trying to get her to sleep I decided to turn on the lights and let her play.  Friday night she was just chatting and giggling to herself.  Fun for her, not for me!
It didn't help that I was out pretty late Friday evening.  I went to dinner with a few friends, then 3 of us went to see the new live action Beauty and Beast!  Being my second favorite Disney princess (sorry Belle, Ariel is my girl), I was super excited!  It was so good, but definitely a bit scary for the little ones.  Esm e probably won't be watching this one until she's 10.
Sunday was a fun day too.  We got to meet Esme's newish second cousin, Hunter, and went for a family walk since it was warmed up a bit.
Here are Esme's weekly pictures, hope you have a wonderful week!

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